Spring Cleaning

Photo by Katie Cullinan

Here on the East Coast, Spring brings with it colorful flowers, warmer breezes, and the return of birds and frogs. For me, I look forward to Spring for all of those reasons. But what I really think about during the long winter months is Spring Cleaning (no, I’m not crazy).

I dream of opening all of my windows, cleaning off the accumulated dirt and grime, and letting the sun shine in. There is something about brushing down the cobwebs and wiping off my baseboards that I find relaxing and almost meditative. It gives me time to pause and reflect. I can clear my mind.

When my mind is clear and unencumbered with daily tasks is when the best ideas float in. Those stories that have been churning in the back of my mind, and the characters figuring out what they want to say, finally strain to get out.

Last month, during a week of particular clarity (and in the middle of purging my children’s unused toys) I wrote two picture books. They were just ready to be written.

So how to you clear your mind of your mental cobwebs and start new work (or restart stalled work)?

I’m off to find something else that needs cleaning. Or to plant some lettuce in my vegetable garden. Anything for some quiet time. I have 29 ideas left from last November’s Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo) to work on, after all.

Photo by Katie Cullinan

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