Can I Give Myself a Gift This Christmas?

I always thought it was weird when someone would tell me that they bought their own Christmas gift. “It’s easier that way,” they’d say. “That way, I get what I want.”

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t that defeat the point? Can’t you buy yourself a present any day of the year? Perhaps it makes a person feel better to have an excuse to purchase that big screen TV they’ve been eyeing, or those designer shoes.

Bryant Park Christmas TreeI was taught as a child that Christmas is about showing those you love how much you care about them. Not by how big or expensive the presents were, but by how much thought you put into them. And by the immense value of just being together, enjoying in the traditions we have built.

This year, I am making every effort to follow those guidelines. I eagerly anticipate having my whole family together to enjoy our Christmas rituals, including the magic of Santa’s visit, stockings overflowing, and Dad’s scrumptious Christmas morning french toast.

My son and I have completed several service projects for needy children. I am trying to make the gifts I give as meaningful as possible. So what is there left to do for a special Christmas?

Give myself a gift.

Wait a minute, you say. Didn’t you just say not to give yourself gifts? I’m not talking about  a new perfume or a spa day. I’m talking about a gift that I really need. A much more personal one.

I’m going to give myself the gift of persistence.

I’ve worked really hard this year- on my writing, on my home, on raising two balanced children, and on some personal issues. And as December ticks by, I look back and wish I had gotten further. Wrote more, hugged my children more, looked out for myself more. But alas, I can’t change any of those things. They are done.

What I can do is give myself some help- a little boost if you will. A little push to keep going- keep working on those novels, keep trying to be patient with the unplanned challenges of life.

After all, before you know it, it will be a new year. A time to plan for new goals and dreams.

What gift would you give yourself this holiday season?

2 thoughts on “Can I Give Myself a Gift This Christmas?

  1. I like that idea. When things get you down throughout the coming year I will remind you to just be persistent and not look to accomplish so much.

  2. Persistence sounds like an excellent gift to give yourself, and very much okay! Good luck with accomplishing the things you hope to accomplish. As for a gift I’d give myself, that’s very hard to think up…!

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