Review: Race You to Bed

Race You to Bed

Race You to Bed

Written and Illustrated By: Bob Shea

Katherine Tegen Books, 2010, Hardcover Version

Target Audience: Ages 4-7

Genre: Fiction

How We Discovered This Book

We found this at our local bookstore, and fell in love with the bunny main character.


A fuzzy bunny races the reader to bed – running, on a boat, on a plane. All in charming rhyme.

What I Liked

The text is fun to read aloud for adults and kids, using nontraditional rhyme. The main character is drawn with big feet and fuzzy all over, which makes him visually interesting. Each page is a surprise to see what he’s going to do next.

What Did My Son Aidan Think?

Both my son and my daughter love this book. It is in frequent bedtime rotation at our house. Unfortunately, it does not make them hurry off to bed. Our favorite part is a personal one. At one point in the story, the bunny comes across his Uncle Ted. My kids also have an Uncle Ted, who  is a snappy dresser himself.Race You to Bed


If you enjoy this book too, and would like have more fun with it, here are some ideas to supplement the story:

– Which Version is Your Favorite? Read the book to your favorite child reader with your best bunny voice, and then challenge them to read it creating their own voice. You can even check out a video version made by Bob Shea. Then vote on which one was your favorite.

– The bunny has to overcome many obstacles to make it to bed. Talk about what obstacles they might have in their day. Or even what gets in their way as they get ready for bed.

8 thoughts on “Review: Race You to Bed

  1. What an engaging cover. It sounds like a cute bed time book. And, I usually like anything with Katherine Tegen’s imprint on it. Thanks for sharing the video. It gave me a better sense of the book. Fun!

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