Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our readers, however you celebrate it. I have young children, so in my house it means making valentines for each of their school friends. My son has a “special friend” in his class, so we had to make a special valentine for her (oh boy).

photo 1

Since this is the day of love, take a minute to think about what you love. Your family, your children, your friends, your pets? Take it a step further beyond the people/animals you love, and think about what you love to do. Do you love to write? Garden? Read a good novel? Bake? Exercise? Help others?

Whatever you feel about Valentine’s Day as a commercial holiday, approach the day with a different mindset. Spend the day in service to what and who you love. Sit down and finish reading that novel. Bake some cookies. Call that friend and tell you miss her.

I got a jump on the holiday here yesterday, spending a snow day warm and cozy in the house with my kids. We did crafts, we read, made cookies, and played games. I made sure there were plenty of warm hugs and kisses involved. Last night I finished a Terry Pratchett novel I’ve been longing to read.  Unfortunately, there will be no gardening here for me right now, since my garden is hidden under over a foot of snow.

photo 2

Today I’m going to try to reach as many of my loved ones as possible. Even if it’s only to leave a message letting them know I’m thinking of them.

Best wishes to you for a Happy Valentine’s Day, however you choose to spend it.

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