Review: Over the River and Through the Wood: A Holiday Adventure

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Over the River and Through the Wood: A Holiday Adventure

Written by: Linda Ashman

Illustrated by: Kim Smith

Sterling Children’s Books, 2015, Hardcover

Target Audience: Ages 4-8

Genre: Fiction

Theme: Family, Holidays, Celebration

How We Discovered This Book: We found this book in the holiday books bin at the library.

Summary: Multiple parts of an extended family are invited to Grandma’s (and Grandpa’s) for the holidays. All of the families make their way there through different forms of transportation. All with pies for Grandma!

What the Kids Liked About This Book: Elizabeth liked seeing all of the different families and what they do on Christmas. Plus she will take any excuse to make me sing along with a book.


If you’re a teacher and are looking for some classroom activities that involve the traditional lyrics in text, check out Scholastic’s site.

Where do you go for the holidays? Do you go to Grandma’s house? Or does she come to you? Brainstorm the different ways that you could travel…. both the traditional (by car, bus, train, etc.), and the slightly silly (by snail, in a handstand, on a cat doing a split)!

Take a walk in a park or woods near you… what is it like to go over the river and through the woods? What do you notice along the way?

Max is back with his review of Over the River and Through the Wood: A Holiday Adventure. Max would love to hear your suggestions on picture books he should review. Please share your suggestions in the comments!

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