The Sounds of Poetry

I was sitting at baseball practice last evening, listening to the sounds of baseball:

the crack of the bat (hopefully)

“I got it!”

cleats pounding in the dirt

the thunk of the ball in the mitt

I love sounds. I think it’s my favorite evocative sense for writing.

Here’s a little exercise to help you write your poem for this week. What?  You didn’t know you were going to write a poem this week?

Pick a sound from the list below to get you started. What does your sound make you think of? Fill in the blanks in the poem form below. Feel free to elaborate!

bells ringing

pages turning

birds chirping

child singing

leaves rustling

lips smacking


I heard ___sound from list____________.

It started soft, and then it filled my ears.

It made me think of ____________, and ______________, and _________________.

And I ___1 or 2 past tense verbs_______.



Here’s mine:

I heard the leaves rustling.

It started soft, and then it filled my ears.

It made me think of autumn, and blankets, and apple cider.

And I wrapped my sweater around my body and sighed.


Please share yours in the comments! Best wishes for a snuggly fall day!

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