Halloween Sounds and a Contest

It’s only a few weeks until Halloween. Are you ready? Have you carved or painted your pumpkin? Have you bought candy for trick or treaters (only to have to buy more after you eat it)? Are you going to any fun costume parties?

No parties for us this year, which is a relief, after the so-called family party we went to last year. This year, we just have regular neighborhood trick or treating planned (if it doesn’t snow this year), and a school parade for each child. My daughter is dressing up as a fairy, which makes things easier since her Tinkerbelle costume is on regular rotation for dress-up. My son wants to be a bumblebee, so I have some sewing to do. I’ll share some pictures after the big day.

So in continuation of the last post, let’s have a little Halloween contest about sounds. Next week I will be reviewing Julia Donaldson’s book Room on the Broom. The winner of the contest wins their own copy of the book.


Halloween is a season full of spooky, creepy, and scary sounds. Which one is your favorite?

Now write a short story of no more than 250 words, with your chosen sound as the first AND last word of the story. Use it as many times as you want (along with other sounds if you choose), but one sound must appear at both the beginning and end.

Here’s mine to get you started:

Creeeeek. I opened one eye. The room was pitch black, so I couldn’t see anything moving. I waited while my heart beat three times. Nothing. I closed my eyes again, and was dozing back to sleep when I heard it again. Creeeeek.

I sat straight up in my bed. I wasn’t imagining something in my room. Could I make it to the door before it got me? Maybe I could make it to the lightswitch instead. Creeeek. The sound was getting closer.

I felt inside my bedside table drawer for my flashlight. I squinted at the bright light as I switched it on, and then opened my eyes wide as I swung it back and forth across my room.

My desk covered in papers: check. My cars lined up on the block road I built: check. The pile of clothes mom keeps asking me to put away: check. Everything was where it should be.

I turned the light off and laid in bed looking out into the dark. Come on, whatever you are. I dare you. Make another noise. I counted to 20 and back. Nothing.

I grinned to myself. I must have scared it away! No sound is a match for me. I chuckled to myself. I bet my little brother would have cried.

I slowly drifted back to sleep, dreaming of lifting a car with my bare hands. Creeeeek.

Please submit your story:

1. In the comments


2. Post it to your blog with a link back in the comments

by next Thursday, October 24th at 6 PM EST. Our panel of judges will choose the winner! Hint: We really like creativity, humor, and wit!

Good luck!

The Sounds of Poetry

I was sitting at baseball practice last evening, listening to the sounds of baseball:

the crack of the bat (hopefully)

“I got it!”

cleats pounding in the dirt

the thunk of the ball in the mitt

I love sounds. I think it’s my favorite evocative sense for writing.

Here’s a little exercise to help you write your poem for this week. What?  You didn’t know you were going to write a poem this week?

Pick a sound from the list below to get you started. What does your sound make you think of? Fill in the blanks in the poem form below. Feel free to elaborate!

bells ringing

pages turning

birds chirping

child singing

leaves rustling

lips smacking


I heard ___sound from list____________.

It started soft, and then it filled my ears.

It made me think of ____________, and ______________, and _________________.

And I ___1 or 2 past tense verbs_______.



Here’s mine:

I heard the leaves rustling.

It started soft, and then it filled my ears.

It made me think of autumn, and blankets, and apple cider.

And I wrapped my sweater around my body and sighed.


Please share yours in the comments! Best wishes for a snuggly fall day!