From the Minds of Babes

At baseball games, we moms take turns holding a new baby. Some of us wish for more babies of our own (not me), or we drink in his sweetness and then return him to his mom. We were discussing what he might look like as he gets older. Would he look like his older brothers? Would he want to play baseball too? Would he like the same music and books?


I know each child is different, but I have been struck by the books that both my kids enjoy, and where their tastes are different. Some of the differences are based on topic. When he was younger, Aidan liked books about cars and construction vehicles, and Elizabeth loves Fancy Nancy and The Very Fairy Princess… really anything princess.

But some books both love – those filled with humor, creativity, wit, and great illustrations. We have dogeared You Are a Lion, One Cool Friend, and Elephant and Piggie.

So what books will this future little boy read? Which ones will he love so much that he takes them to bed with him?

I hope he loves reading as much as my kids do. Perhaps one day he’ll read a book I’ve written! (I can dream, right?)

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