They Grow Up So Fast…

Today is my little boy’s birthday. Or I should say, my boy’s birthday. He turns 7 today, and I am I struck at how he is a little boy and full-fledged BOY (yes, in capital letters) all at the same time.

He is sweet and sensitive, while also rough and tough at the same time. He loves snuggling with me on the couch with a favorite book, but he also enjoys wrestling with his sister, climbing trees, and exploring the woods.

He is smart and funny. He frequently points out that the words “Breaking Bread”on this missal at church could also spell the name of Daddy’s favorite show if a few letters were covered (anyone else a Walter White watcher?).

He is moving to more complex books, while still preferring adventure stories without the supernatural scares (such as Goosebumps). He got three new Geronimo Stilton books for his birthday today. Hopefully he won’t get up ridiculously early in the morning to read, which he does sometimes when he is excited about a new book.

When I looked at his school picture, with his big boy stance of hands in his pockets and confident grin on his face, I was brought to tears. When did he get so tall? When did he start becoming so independent?

Little boy or big boy, I love him all the same. Happy Birthday to my favorite boy, who I love with all my heart.

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